Indian Pan Fried Chicken Recipe


1)Boneless chicken breasts and tender piece of legs without bone-400 gms 2)Lime juice-3 tablespoon 3)Black Salt- According to taste 4)Cumin Powder- 3 and half tablespoon 5)Black Pepper-2 tablespoon 6)Cauliflower- 4 big pieces 7)Carrot- 2 cutting into long pieces 8)Mustard Oil- 4 tablespoon .


30  minutes

At first we shall mix the chicken and other ingredients except oil,cauliflower and carrot in a mixing bowl.Then we leave it for 5 minutes for marination.Then we shall heat the mustard oil in the frying pan and put the marinated chicken pieces into it. When the chicken pieces will become golden and crispy then it is ready.Now we shall take a little bit of oil and toss the cauliflower and carrot well with a little bit of salt, cumin and black pepper. Then we shall take a platter and serve the Indian Pan-Fried Chicken with tossed cauliflower,carrot and tomato sauce. Perfect for evening-snack.

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